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Noon Year’s Eve!

5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NOON YEAR!!!

That’s right…I said NOON Year! What better way to kick off your first week back to school in a new year than a “Noon Year’s Eve” party counting down to 12 o’clock noon! This is quick, easy, and something my students have absolutely LOVED! It’s perfect for the first week back in January to re-engage your students OR even the first day of school at the beginning of a new school year to kick off the year in any grade level.

This NOON Year’s Eve party is SUPER simple and inexpensive to put together. I broke it down for you in a few simple steps.


Everyone loves being invited to a party!  I usually host the party on the first day back from winter break to kick things off. Create a “NOON Year’s Eve Party” Invitation to send home to your students. Encourage them to Dress to Impress! (Sparkly Dresses, Collared Shirts, Ties, Bow Ties, etc.) If you’re hosting this at the beginning of the school year, try handing out invitations at Meet the Teacher!

You can send home a hard copy invitation OR if you’re wanting to throw it the first day back from break, create a digital image and send it out digitally either via email, Remind, Class Dojo or whatever other parent communication tool you use in your classroom.


No Noon Year’s Eve Party is complete without some Party Gear including hats, tiaras, horns, streamers, and decorations.You can easily find New Year’s Hats/Horns at Dollar Tree, Target, Party City, etc. or if you’re like me you can order everything off Amazon!

The hit of the party that I put up is a balloon drop for 12 O’Clock and the kids absolutely love it! It’s inexpensive/super easy to put up and use. You simply fill the bag with balloons (without helium of course), hang the bag from the ceiling, and then pull the string at 12:00 to release the balloons. It’s THAT easy! Each balloon bag can hold up to 100 balloons so the more you fill it with the better!

Here are some links for options for New Year’s party kits, the balloon drop, balloons, and noisemakers if you’re interested in ordering from Amazon!  (Sometimes it’s just way easier for everything to come in a box ready to go!)

NOTE: If you’re planning this for the beginning of January, I suggest buying your hats/horns BEFORE the New Year. These kits are cleared off the shelves pretty fast with last minute shoppers and there may not be everything you need after the new year. (I’ve learned from experience) If you’re planning for next school year, stock up now on all your decorations/party gear so you’re ready to go!


From the second my students stepped into my classroom the morning of the party, a countdown to “Noon Years” AKA 12:00 Noon was projected onto the board. We worked through the morning on some New Year’s Goal Setting and Writing leading up to the big Countdown! The kids could not wait for that countdown to be up! Click on the picture of the countdown above or HERE for a link to an online countdown you can set! They even have a New Year’s design! Score! Visit my Instagram Page (@ChrisPombonyo) to check out a video of the countdown in my classroom!


Following the Countdown, have an Apple Juice toast with your class to celebrate an amazing rest of the school year. (Don’t forget to add some sparkling water to the cup to add some fizz! )

And that’s it! I told you it was ridiculously simple! Add a Noon Year’s Photo booth with Props or some New Year’s Games to keep the celebration going!

Cheers to the Noon Year!


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